Happy New Year! I’ve already e-mailed this out to my Sun City Peachtree clients, but I also wanted to post it online for others to view.

Some quick key points: Inventory is way up, but closings are down. However, prices- both for sale and sold properties- are increasing by double digits. Days on the market have significantly increased (at least percentage-wise – up 77.3% 22 to 39 days).

The Sun City Peachtree resale market has been strong. Although listings were up almost 40% compared to 2022, the number of closings was down by almost 15%. There were 146 resale homes listed in 2023 (compared to 105 in 2022). This included basement homes, loft homes, and golf course homes. However, the sold homes were down to 81 in 2023 (compared to 95 in 2023).

Where the market really showed out is that both listing prices and final selling prices were up by over 10% compared to 2022. $370,591 was the average listing price in 2022. It was $409,484 in 2023. And the selling price was $400,999 in 2023 (compared to $364,383 in 2022).

We do see a little tightening (not much, though) of the market when you look at the listing price to selling price ratio and the days on the market. Home Sellers are having to wait an extra 17 days to get an acceptable offer.

There is an abundance of homes on the market right now, and many have gotten caught up in a little game that I like to call Follow The Loser. This means there is opportunity. Please contact me at (678) 871-9660 to discuss the market and the unique perspective that I bring to the table.

Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the happiness a heart can know. Happy 2024 to you and yours!

All my best,

Jessica Horton

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Jessica Horton is an experienced real estate broker who specializes in Sun City Peachtree.