Basement Homes for sale in Sun City Peachtree.

The benefits of owning a Basement Home in Sun City Peachtree

Homes designed and constructed with basement spaces are in high demand nationwide, and this trend is definitely felt in the Del Webb community of Sun City Peachtree.
According to the National Home Improvement Council’s report on features that add value, dwellings with basements consistently rank in the top five desired uses of space. This is not a surprise, considering that the consumer demand for basements – including finished, partially finished, and unfinished areas – remains elevated. Basement homes tend to appraise at a higher dollar figure, boosting resales and helping homes hold their value.

Basements in the residences of Sun City Peachtree are a coveted and sought-after home feature. Walkout basements create a wonderful and unique harmony of indoor and outdoor living space, frequently offering covered lower-level patios on the exterior and abundant natural light within the interior. Lookout basements take full advantage of lovely vistas by utilizing oversized banks of windows. And well-designed basements, such as those offered by the renowned builders and contractors for Del Webb, are remarkably energy-efficient and can actually help lower overall utility costs.

Basement Homes offer endless possibilities.

The residents of Sun City Peachtree showcase a great variety of function and use for the lower-level areas found in their basement homes. For people who need additional guest and bedroom space, basements are ideal. Whether utilized as grandchildren’s quarters, a caregiver’s apartment, or an area to house the younger set within a multi-generational living arrangement, the extra space provides respite and privacy. Extra storage space is always a premium, and basements in Sun City allow for ample storage solutions. Perhaps a homeowner needs an office or workshop, and a basement is a perfect answer to their need. And for those who enjoy entertaining, basements can be converted into full recreation areas, with room for home theaters, billiards, hobby space, or an exercise arena.

Basement homes within the gates of Sun City Peachtree are a highly desired commodity, providing their owners with diverse and easy-to-personalize spaces. Jessica Horton specializes in these properties and looks forward to helping you find the basement home of your dreams.