When buying a home in a trendy neighborhood like Sun City Peachtree, watch out for the homes playing a little game that I like to call “Follow the Loser.”

One resale home will reduce its Asking Price, and then all the other comparable homes will drop in price. Often, these will be listed by a small group of neighborhood ‘experts’ who realize that Fear Of Loss will drive many homeowners into making unnecessary concessions on price.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place for a reduction in the asking price. However, reducing because someone else is doing it is not the time or place. Reducing to be competitive with other homes based on Price Per Square Foot is not a strategy… it’s simply giving your home away.

Again, there is a time and place for a reduction. But there is ALWAYS a time and a place to demonstrate VALUE. To highlight and showcase what sets your home apart from all the others. The upgrades you have. The location. The view. The quiet.

Right now… SEVERAL properties are on the market in various popular neighborhoods that are significantly underpriced in my professional opinion (22+ years). The owners have played Follow The Loser. They reduced to reduce because other home sellers were doing it. And these properties have value. The price per square foot doesn’t even tell the real story.

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