Potential Sun City Peachtree homebuyers and sellers often ask me, “Jessica, is it true you don’t live in the community?”

Even though I have been practicing real estate for about 22 years, I am still only in my early forties and don’t meet Sun City Peachtree’s minimum age requirements of being at least 55 (plus, there is no way that the Sun City Peachtree HOA will let me bring all my chickens and turkeys). However, my not living in the community is highly advantageous to you; it allows me to better serve your needs with what I like to call my “Downton Abbey” approach.

Jessica Horton's Downton Abbey Approach to selling real estate in Sun City Peachtree

Jessica Horton’s Downton Abbey Approach to Sun City Peachtree

If you’ve ever watched this sensational television series or the movies, you know that when the people living ‘Above Stairs’ need assistance, they ring the bell. And what happens? Help from ‘Below Stairs’ is immediately available to complete any necessary task proficiently.

Likewise, when I am needed, my clients can ring the bell (call, text, e-mail, or message me via social media), and I will make myself available to accommodate them and attend to all their various real estate needs. I come to them as needed and don’t persistently hover over them.

It would be impertinent for ‘Below Stairs’ to attempt to interact with the ‘Above Stairs’ crowd socially. ‘Below Stairs’ is meant to perform a service, silently fade away from view, and allow ‘Above Stairs’ to return to enjoying their lives–uninterrupted and unencumbered by the staff. The thought of continuously encountering ‘Below Stairs’ whenever they turn around should be completely absurd and even mortifying to the people who live ‘Above Stairs.’

So, I never want my real estate customers to be bothered by seeing me at any of Sun City Peachtree’s scheduled events, clubs, or activities. I never want them to feel hassled about real estate and bombarded with invasive questions like, “Are you, or anyone you know, thinking about buying or selling a home? Here’s my card. No, take twenty…’

I never want you to think, “Oh no! Here comes that pesky real estate agent; let’s try and hide from her!”

I want you to enjoy your life, home, time, neighbors, and all the wonderful and exciting things the community has to offer without someone subtly–and often rather abruptly–ingratiating themselves into your life for their future financial benefit. This sort of opportunistic behavior reeks of the inappropriateness of panhandling. It is simply pandering for business with a heaping portion of manipulation and the usual dash of guilt-tripping (when you elect to do business with someone else) thrown in.

And one more thing, you’ll never overhear me at the Sun City Peachtree Clubhouse talking about the glorious cruises and all the extravagant vacations I plan on taking (from all the real estate commissions I earn off my ‘friends’ and neighbors’ equity in their homes). You will hear me exclaim how much money I have saved homeowners and home buyers (Over $600,000 in real estate commissions) in the community.

My extra money goes to my kids, birds, and the rescue dogs we take in. Yes, I really do have chickens and turkeys (geese and ducks too). I grew up on a farm close to the Sun City Peachtree, and even though I’ve carved out quite the niche for selling Sun City Peachtree Resale homes and working with more affluent clientele, I’ve never stopped being a country girl at heart.

Being a farm girl means I’m not afraid of hard work and doing demanding jobs. I love this community and many of the incredible people who live in it. However, I prefer achieving exceptional results without impeding your privacy, happiness, and enjoyment. I serve you best by making myself available to you–when you need me. Not by latching onto you and waiting for you to provide real estate referrals. On the farm, we call critters like that “parasites.”

Service is a Noble Calling

I am here to serve and care for you whether you are ready to buy, sell, or want to be informed about the local real estate market and trends. I will take expert care of you and then remove myself back ‘Down Stairs’ to give you the peace and happiness you so richly deserve. All you have to do is ring the bell, and I will take care of you. I may even bring one of my locally famous homemade savory Chicken Pot Pies for you to enjoy.

Meet Jessica Horton

Jessica Horton is an experienced real estate broker who specializes in Sun City Peachtree.