Sun City Peachtree Resale Homes brought to you by Jessica Horton.

Sun City Peachtree Resale Home

Below are 43 resale homes—an assorted mixture of basement, loft, and golf course homes—currently available in Sun City Peachtree.

When you decide to reserve your table and come to explore the selection of homes available here, be sure not to restrict yourself to the ‘New Construction Homes only’ menu. There’s also an extensive list of wonderfully priced resale homes on the market.

Buying a resale home from a current Sun City Peachtree owner can remind you of receiving a bottle of vintage wine from a trusted friend. It’s easy to relax when you know your gift has been well-preserved and patiently cared for over the years. Just like wine, a residence grows better and better with age when it has been cared for by a devotee who takes pride in both the inside and outside of that home. Unlike many of the newer, watered-down bottles you find on the shelves today, these homes were first-class from the beginning.

You’ll find that the owner has made renovations and improvements to the property. Repairs and touchups have often been handled. Construction has finished on the street. No sound of hammers early in the morning. No construction crews blocking your driveway. On an established street, you’ll know who your neighbors are before you even move in.

And the price is often way less than new construction.

Now, these fine folks are offering you the opportunity to experience resale homes that have been lovingly aired to near perfection. The right resale can be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

Unfortunately, the salespeople who greet you at the model village are not licensed real estate agents. In fact, they work exclusively for the builder. They cannot represent you. Their sole purpose is to sell you a new construction home—and get the best deal possible—for Pulte Homes.

On the other hand, Jessica Horton works for an independent boutique real estate brokerage. For over twenty years, she has successfully managed hundreds of transactions, ranging from $40,000 to well over 8 million dollars. Jessica is not just a mere real estate agent. She’s a real estate broker, the state of Georgia’s highest license designation.

Jessica Horton is your Sun City Peachtree Expert

Jessica can point out every item on Sun City Peachtree’s inviting menu—new construction, resale homes, and, most especially, the 2 featured homes listed exclusively with her. She can speak knowledgeably about them all.

If you would like to view Sun City Peachtree—and all the resale homes and new construction currently for sale—please request the neighborhood expert. Or, if you prefer to speak with Jessica immediately, please call her at (678) 871-9660.

And, in the meantime, salute!